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November 17, 2018

All paperbacks and e-books are now available on the new Online Store. Thank you to everyone who has started shopping.

While this website is still the official home of SubtleDemon.com, the new site is in progress. Feel free to look around, but don't be surprised if you see significant changes from time to time. You can visit the new site here. We welcome your comments and suggestions! If you'd like to give us your opinion, please use the Contact Us form on the new website.

November 8, 2018

We are happy to announce we have opened a new Online Store! New design, the same Quality Paperbacks and merchandise, but more importantly, the ability to purchase e-books directly from the site! Purchases are processed by PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account; you can simply pay with a credit card. Currently, almost all books are available for purchase, with only four exceptions, and those will be added soon.

Click the Shop link to the left to be taken to the new store.

We currently only have e-books in Kindle format, but we will be adding Kobo, Nook, Apple Books and Google Play formats in the coming weeks.

There is also a new alternative when purchasing the paperbacks. We've added an option to buy all autographed books in a series at once, with a 10% discount!

We hope you will consider purchasing directly from us, but if you prefer, you may continue buying from the usual retail outlets; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo and Google Play. When you're finished shopping, click the "Return to Original Site" option to go back to the current site.

October 24, 2018

Last year, we released Boxed Sets of the Blood Destiny Series (Books 1-10) and the Legend of the Ir'Indicti Series, offering all the books (that were available at the time) in each series at a reduced price. We are proud to announce the release of Boxed Sets for each of the following series: High Demon Series, God Wars Series, First Ordinance Series, R-D Series, Latter Day Demons Series and Black Rose Sorceress Series.

These boxed sets are only available in ebook format, and represent a significant savings compared to purchasing each book in the series individually. For example, the Black Rose Sorceress series boxed set sells for $9.99, whereas if the books were purchased individually (at the current price of $4.99 each) they would cost $19.96.

Links to the Boxed Sets can be found at the very top of the various Series pages on this website.

When Connie began publishing in 2011, the primary outlet for her ebooks was Amazon Kindle, mainly because Amazon commanded the largest market share of ebook sales. However, there are now several additional ebook platforms from which readers my choose, according to their preference. Therefore, in the past two months, we have gradually added Connie's complete catalog of books (with four exceptions) in other platforms, including: Kobo, Nook, iBooks and Google Play. Links to these platforms are provided at the bottom of each book's description on our website. Or, if you prefer, you can visit your favorite ebook platform and search for Connie Suttle. The books are priced the same across all platforms.

The exceptions are Your Money's Worth and the three books in the BlackWing Pirates Series. Those books will be added to the other ebook platforms in the coming weeks.

Blood Recall
Blood Destiny Series, Book 11

A vampire, a werewolf and a Larentii walk into a bar...

Lissa, Winkler, Zaria and Breanne are forced into the past to protect the timeline from rogue gods. What seems a simple task at first turns far more sinister and deadly, when the rogues' true goals are discovered.

The rogues' objective?

To reverse the outcome of the God Wars in their favor…

Amazon.com (Preview ) | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play
Quality Paperback: Autographed by the Author

MindRogue - Book 3

We are Or'myr; a secretive, dwindling race of wyrm dragons. For many years, we were without a queen and directionless, until my sister was born.

She was loved.


Until the one known as the Prophet stole her away.

Our only hope to save our queen—and our race—lies in the hands of a blind man named Randl Gage.

A man who is also one of the most wanted criminals in both Alliances...

Amazon.com | Preview | Signed by the Author

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